Rural and remote telehealth in Australia

Connecting individuals in rural and remote areas with accessible psychology services, ensuring that people can receive the support they need within the comfort of their own communities, regardless of location in Australia.

Rural and Remote Telehealth

Supporting Rural and Remote Australians

Living in rural and remote areas comes with unique challenges, and accessing mental health support should not be one of them. Nova Psychology’s telehealth services break down geographical barriers, making it possible for individuals in these areas to connect with experienced psychologists without the need to travel.

Why choose Nova Psychology
for Rural and Remote Telehealth?

Community-Centred Support


Our telehealth services are designed to bring psychology support directly to your community. By eliminating the need for extensive travel, we aim to make mental health services more accessible and integrated into rural and remote lifestyles.

Confidential Online Sessions


Nova Psychology offers confidential online sessions, providing a private space for you to discuss your thoughts and concerns. You can access professional support from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Proven Effectiveness


Research evidence has shown that outcomes and practitioner/client satisfaction for telepsychology interventions are generally equivalent to traditional face-to-face interventions. You can trust that the quality of care you receive through our telehealth services is on par with in-person sessions.

Breaking Barriers, Enhancing Accessibility

If your thoughts are becoming overwhelming, leaving you confused about the next steps, Nova Psychology is here to provide relief and support. Our telehealth services are tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals in rural and remote areas, ensuring that mental health care is accessible to everyone, regardless of location. Nova Psychology is dedicated to breaking down geographical barriers and ensuring that quality mental health support is available to you, wherever you are.

Your well-being matters, and we’re here to support you on your journey to mental health and resilience.

Step 1: Contact us

Get in touch with us by phone on
0418 936 120
or email
or by filling out our enquiry form on our contact page.

Confidentiality is assured.

Step 2: One of our admin support team will call you

One of Nova Psychology's admin support team will call you promptly to discuss your specific needs and determine which one of our therapists is best suited to assist you.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment

You can schedule an appointment at the time of calling or by booking directly on our website. 

We will then also email you your intake form and welcome package.

If you are feeling suicidal or are in crisis
please call 000 immediately (Australia).

See other crisis resources available here